walkscore.com rates Edgewater at Oakmont in the 80’s!

Walkscore.com is a great website that allows people to see the walkability of a certain areas within, towns, cities, and states. The Edgewater neighborhood adjacent to College Avenue within the town of Oakmont is rated as very walkable, which means the majority of errands can be accomplished on foot.

Walkscore.com com goes on to say that walkable neighborhoods offer surprising benefits to the environment, our health, our finances, and our communities.

Walkscore.com Factoids:

Environment: Cars are a leading cause of climate change. Your feet are zero-pollution transportation machines.

Health: The average resident of a walkable neighborhood weighs 7 pounds less than someone who lives in a sprawling neighborhood.

Finances: One point of Walk Score is worth up to $ 3,000 of value for your property.

Communities: Studies show that for every 10 minutes a person spends in a daily car commute, time spent in community activities falls by 10%.

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