Edgewater at Oakmont has been Awarded with a 2011 Commonwealth Award!

            Edgewater at Oakmont was recently presented with a 2011 Commonwealth Award.  The award was specifically given in the category of “Building a More Perfect Pennsylvania”.  The designation was awarded on behalf of 10thousand Friends of Pennsylvania.

            10thousand Friends of Pennsylvania is an organization that prides itself on leadership in the arena of smart growth within the commonwealth.  The mission, vision, goals, and values of 10thousand Friends of Pennsylvania are as follows:



10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania is the leading statewide voice for great places to live and work. They work with citizens, organizations and public officials to create land use, infrastructure and governance policies and practices that protect our resources and strengthen our economy.


10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania envisions a Commonwealth in which its citizens have a great variety of high quality places in which to live and work; where natural resources are respected and used wisely; where the infrastructure is strong, safe and supports sensible development; where the built environment is planned for maximum convenience, attractiveness, sustainability and economic competitiveness; where governments work together to allocate and share resources and deliver public services effectively, equitably and efficiently; where residents value their communities, find opportunity, and share the benefits of Pennsylvania’s commitment to competitiveness through strategic investment and sustainable growth.


10,000 Friends is a results-driven organization, pursuing four major goals:

  • A more prosperous, competitive and sustainable economy
  • A state government that adopts policies that support sound planning, strategic investment, resource conservation and sensible growth
  • Local governments that embrace sound planning, balanced development and efficient and effective service delivery
  • MakingPennsylvaniathe place of choice to live and work



  • fact based
  • balanced and bipartisan
  • positive and constructive in thought and action
  • pro-growth and pro-environment
  • pledged to collaboration


The judging body for the 2011 Commonwealth Awards agreed that Edgewater at Oakmont epitomized the ideals of their mission, vision, goals, and values.  Kacin Companies and EQA Landmark Communities made community and environmental responsibility top priorities in the planning and execution of Edgewater.  10thousand Friends of Pennsylvania saw this commitment to excellence and recognized the Edgewater team with this glowing award.


For More Information on Edgewater at Oakmont Visit:  www.liveatedgewater.com

For More Information on 10thousand Friends of Pennsylvania Visit:  http://10000friends.org/




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